Trail Running Shoes Buyers Guide:

Most people considering a good pair of trail shoes are typically looking to solve a problem they have experienced on the trail already. Perhaps the issue is a lack of traction on off road surfaces, or you’re simply tired of wet feet and shoes after running through Colorado’s high country, or you could be looking for a lightweight shoe ideal for racing a trail race that still offers excellent traction and support.

When people ask us which trail shoe is best for them, we usually respond with several questions to understand what exactly your needs are to best determine what is ideal for your trail running:

Trail Running Considerations:

Type of Trails the shoes will be used on– Obviously if you are primarily running on a groomed trail with packed dirt, your needs are different from someone ascending and descending Green Mountain everyday.
Outsole Type– If you are running more technical, rocky trails you certainly should consider one with an aggressively lugged outsole for maximum traction. Conversely if you are running more groomed trails, you may not need as much traction.
Forefoot Protection Plates– Many trail shoes now offer added protection with the enhancement of a protection plate- typically a 1-3mm thick plate running from heel to toe giving added protection and stopping rocks and other debris from jarring into the bottom of your feet. This is particularly beneficial if running rocky trails with plenty of ascents and descents.
Waterproof vs. Non Waterproof– Running through creek beds, mud and snow? Consider a trail shoe with a waterproof upper. It used to be that GoreTex was great for keeping water out but keeping your feet hot due to lack of breathability but recent technology enhancements have drastically improved the breathability of most waterproof shoes. Not everyone needs a waterproof shoe however.
Medial Stability and Injury Consideration– Trail running shoes are just like road running shoes and are built with differing levels of medial stability. Runners seeking more or less stability will need to choose accordingly.
Minimal, Lightweight Racer/Trainer Options– If you plan on racing on offroad surfaces, you will want a shoe that is low in weight, combined with technical features ensuring success on race day. Perhaps you are looking for a trail shoe that is minimal, with a low heel to toe drop, combined with excellent traction.

Quick Picks:
Trail Runing Shoes


A Conversation about Sports Bras

We see many women come through our doors daily for their running/walking footwear needs, however, many may not realize they are leaving only partially equipped for whatever their endeavors may be.

Sports bras are just as important as a proper fitting pair of shoes, for some larger breasted women, it may be the most important piece of equipment they own!  If you are someone who believes you need two bras to feel supported, our team is here to help.  There are numerous styles available in cup sizes from A-E, all providing the specific support for each woman’s needs.  One bra should be all you need to wear at a time if it supports you appropriately.

Here are a few tips to think about when you are purchasing a sports bra:

  • They don’t last forever

A sports bra should be replaced every 6-12 months, depending on usage and frequency.  Just like your running shoes, the materials that make your bra so supportive in the beginning break down after use and washings.  If you are currently chafing from your current bra, it may just be too old.  Using a sport wash can lengthen your bra’s ability to move moisture, another key component in a bra’s function.  As you should for any technical fabrics, avoid letting your bra see the inside of a dryer.  Technical fabrics lose their ability to maintain their moisture management properties in the heat of a dryer.

  • Sizes change

8 out of every 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size!  Take a few sizes into the fitting room around the size you think you might be, your bra size can change after pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain, or age.  Please don’t be shy to ask our female team to measure you to even better assess your proper size.  Keep in mind the following:  the band should lay straight across your back and should be more snug than your lingerie bra; breast tissue should be held completely within the cups of the bra; underwire shouldn’t poke or pinch. Finally, make sure you can breath in it!

  • Activity Gauge

Assess what activities you may be doing in the bra.  Different sports may be more comfortable with another type of bra for some body types.  Mimicking the activities that you plan to do in the fitting room can help you to determine if this is the correct style for you.  If you find yourself adjusting the bra during your try-on activities, it might not be the best style for you.

What is the best bra for me?

All the bras listed below are both band and cup sized to really dial in a customized fit:

High Impact for B-DD sizes:

  • Moving Comfort- Fiona, Maia, Juno, Luna

High Impact for A-B sizes:

  • Brooks- Alexis
  • Brooks- Glycerin
  • Ibex- Balance Light

High Impact A-B sizes as well as Medium Impact for C sizes:

  • Moving Comfort- Charity
  • Moving Comfort- Ver
  • Moving Comfort- Serena
  • Brooks- Epiphany
  • Nike- Swift Y Back
  • Icebreaker- Rush
  • Ibex- Balance Support

Running Shoe Buyers Guide:

We are in the business of solving problems. Just like you wouldn’t use a chisel to hammer a nail into a wall, we help guide you through the maze using our expert knowledge to pick the correct tool (or shoe in this case) to help you meet your running or walking needs and goals.

Most people that walk into our stores are coming to us for expert advice to solve problems they have already experienced. Perhaps the issue may be knee pain when trying to increase weekly mileage, or questions about minimal running, or preventing injuries from happening in the first place. We can help!

The most common question we hear everyday is “what’s the best running shoe for me?” Of course there is no absolute answer to this question, as there is no one single footwear type that is universally best for everyone.

To help narrow down what it is that you are looking for we consider several factors:

Running Shoe Considerations:

• Body Type & Composition- Not every running shoe is built for everyone, and your needs will vary depending on your height and weight.
• Injury History- Suffering from any injuries? Pain or injuries in areas such as your knees, lower back, hips, IT band, & shin splints will help narrow down the list of footwear choices.
• Callousing on Ball of Foot or Side of Big Toe- If you’ve got callousing on the ball of your foot or side of your big toe, it is likely that your forefoot tends to overpronate (collapse excessively on the medial side), and likely you will need added stability.
• Surfaces Run On- What type of surface you’ll be using your new shoes on makes a difference when choosing the most appropriate shoe. If you are primarily running on a treadmill, track, or road surfaces, we suggest a road shoe. If you primarily stick to trail running or even light hiking on off road surfaces, we suggest a trail shoe.
• Looking for a racing shoe or minimalist trainer?- You will likely want to choose a lighter weight running shoe with a lower midsole profile that keeps your foot lower to the ground.

Quick Picks:
Minimalist Shoes
Running Shoes
Trail Running Shoes

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